Moeh Haywood

Denver Tattoo Artist

About Moeh

Moeh Haywood is the senior artist and co-owner of Crimson Hilt. He was one of the founding artists of the previous shop, Newspeak, and took the reins in 2012 to form a tattoo studio that is geared towards creating custom art of the highest quality for its patrons. Since its inception, Moeh has strived to bring his vision of an oasis where fine art, in all of its complexity, is fused with the ancient art of tattooing. Along with his tattoo pursuits, Moeh also is deeply immersed in a variety of artistic mediums including, but not limited to, painting, drawing, sign painting, and printmaking. He has been creating since childhood. Moeh has developed unique techniques that translate to meticulously beautiful tattoos. His technical approach is matched by few and his tattoos have a voice that is unique to him alone. Moeh has been published in a multitude of art magazines as well as books. He has traveled extensively and worked in tattoo conventions around the west.

With hundreds of satisfied clients here in Denver, and artwork in many galleries, walls, and homes, Moeh has established himself as one of Denver’s finest creatives. He remains committed to creating original tattoos, as well as using a variety of mediums to create one-of-a-kind works of art.

He can be found most days hard at work in Crimson Hilt. If he is not working on a tattoo he is hard at work creating art. However, he is never too busy to talk to someone about their tattoos. Take a look at his gallery, and we are sure you will agree, you should definitely get a tattoo from this talented Denver Artist.

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