Tattooers who Paint

Tattooers who Paint

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Denver Tattoo Shop

Tattooing, as an industry, has so many influences as well as artist that are drawn to it. Especially these days. Surprisingly, many artists in our industry are solely motivated by tattooing and do not express themselves in any other medium. Strange as it sounds, there are tattooists that don’t even paint. 

Crimson Hilt has always believed that the strongest tattoos are made by well-rounded artist. That being said, tattooing, as an art form, has limitations that cannot be successfully circumvented. Certain rules exist as boundaries that will separate a successful tattoo from a failed attempt. It is paramount to work within these guidelines while creating a permanent mark on another human. But by expanding our minds with a wide array of influences, we are able to work miracles within the box that is tattooing. One of our strongest tools is being able to draw and paint. Not only does this give us a means to contribute new material to the ever duplicating world of tattooing, it also gives us the ability to practice our craft in a less permanent way. Much of the micro movements and muscle memory built from years of painting and drawing are the same that allow us, as tattooers, to push a clean line in the skin, or create a soft smooth blend. 

Not to mention the majority of tattooers we look up to, as well as every tattooer we have collectively learned from, have all been accomplished painters. Whether they painted tattoo flash, large-scale oils, signs or scrolls, the giants whose shoulders we stand on took the time and patience to become well-rounded artists, and we aim to carry that torch at Crimson Hilt. Every tattooer that works here, is first and foremost, an artist. Our mediums range from one end of the creative spectrum to the other, but we are contributing creatives one and all.

There is something to be said for a tattooer who utilizes their time outside of the skin to produce art. This is a focused tattooist; this is someone interested in contribution; this is someone who lives and breathes art. Next time you are in a shop, take a look at the art on the walls. Did the artist who is going to tattoo you paint the designs? If not, don’t you think it would be more beneficial to find an artist who did? We invite you to come see our art in all its many forms and its influence on the tattoos we create at Crimson Hilt.

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