Alex Taylor

Denver Tattoo Artist

About Alex

Alex Taylor has lived in Denver since 2009 and is the co-owner of Crimson Hilt Tattoo. He has worked with business partner and friend Moeh Haywood at Newspeak prior to changing the name to Crimson Hilt in 2012.

“I consider myself to be very fortunate. I have my dream job in an awesome environment, with fellow artists that believe it’s better to contribute to tattoos, rather than concerning themselves with what they can take from it. My brothers and I push each other every day to be better than the previous day. I have an awesome clientele, friends, and family that without I would be nothing.”

Alex’s style is heavily influenced by Traditional American and Traditional Japanese tattooing. He is also influenced by Surrealism as well as Art Nuevo. “I strive to not fall into any category. It is a fear of mine to be pigeonholed into any one style. I love the challenge of a well-planned, large-scale, custom tattoo; as well as an “on the fly” walk-in. They both present a different challenge.”

“As long as I have a machine in hand or a paintbrush I am a happy camper! I hope this has been somewhat helpful in your quest to find the right artist, I hope to see you in the shop soon.”

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