The Custom Tattoo Process vs. Walk in Flash tattoos

The Custom Tattoo Process vs. Walk in Flash tattoos

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Denver Tattoo Shop

Tattooing, as an approach, is as varied as the people who choose to get tattooed. Some people want to walk into a tattoo shop and look at pre drawn designs, or flash. They want to select something that speaks to them visually and they want to receive the tattoo then and there.  Others prefer to meet with an artist and discuss their ideas, in order to create a one of a kind piece. There is really no defined line in the sand when it comes to the approach. But it is easier to put on a spectrum, at one end a walk-in flash tattoo and on the other a custom multiple session tattoo. Both have their place and allure, at Crimson Hilt we gladly cater to both. Our artists are always excited about the prospect of designing a large, multiple session custom tattoo. We also pride ourselves on flawlessly executing a piece from flash on the fly. 

Flash tattoos have a rich history. From sailors and military men coming into port and getting a distinguishing mark to the adventurous carnival goer that walked out with a permanent souvenir, flash tattooing is deeply engrained into American history. That tradition is still alive today and on a larger scale than ever! There are even flash special holidays, like Friday the 13th where people come in to get a small, “unlucky,” tattoo for a set “lucky,” price.  Every artist worth their salt, has spent a fair amount of their career drawing and painting tattoo designs. We do it not only as a form of artistic expression, or to decorate our shops; but  mostly it is produced to be tattooed. It is also our best look into the past of tattooing. Old flash sheets transcend the years and continue to become tattoos today. Good art speaks to people, and if it coveys the right message, it becomes timeless. Tattoos can be a compulsive venture and flash tattoos are a great way to satisfy the itch to get tattooed. Also there is something awesome about getting a tattoo completed in one session, instant gratification. Our artists love tattooing pieces from old flash, and we continue the tradition by creating our own flash designs and tattooing them. 

On the other end of the spectrum is custom tattooing. When it comes to a large project like a sleeve or back piece, this is generally the preferred avenue. But it is by no means reserved for large tattoos. Some people want a one of a kind tattoo, regardless of size. With a custom tattoo, the recipient will either seek out an artist or a shop based on recommendation or reputation. Generally they will research the artist, but many times they come into the shop and look at portfolios to get a sense of the artists’ style. From there, they will have a consultation to discuss the design, scale and process. The artist will take a tracing of the body part, so that the tattoo is designed to flow and fit on the individual’s body. From there, an appointment to approve the drawing is set and the artist goes to work. We research the subject matter and spend hours perfecting a design tailored to the individual wearer’s vision. After the viewing it’s time to set out on the tattoo, and appointments are made. This process is definitely more time consuming, but to receive a one of a kind, thought out piece of permanent art, the wait is always worth it. 

Patience is always appreciated. Some people come into a shop with an expectation of getting a large scale custom tattoo done right then and there. This is a real tattoo shop, not a scripted television program. It’s not to say that our artist won’t rise to the occasion, but it is always best to go about it the right way. Top quality custom tattoos take time, not only to research and draw, but also to apply. No one at Crimson Hilt will do a tattoo that we are not 100% confident in, and if your aim is to get a custom tattoo, we recommend going through the process that has yielded perfect results since our inception as a shop. After all, we are the professionals.

So if you are in the market for a walk-in tattoo, by all means, walk-in. You can rest assure that you will leave with an expertly applied tattoo that you can be proud of for a lifetime. If you have it in your mind that you want a custom designed one of a kind tattoo, please schedule a consultation with one of our friendly and knowledgable artist and start down the road today. 

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